Eclectic Assortment, watercolor

Copper Beach Tree, watercolor

Pears, watercolor

White Bouquet, watercolor

Michigan, watercolor

South Carolina,  watercolor

About the Artist


During my growing up years, I did not sign up for any art classes because I felt that I had no artistic ability.

In my mid-forties, I felt an unexpected urge to try my hand creating watercolors. I enrolled in adult education art classes and gave watercolor painting a try. I believe if you want to do something and are willing to work at it, you are bound to see progress. And, my abilities with a paintbrush have improved-enough to make me want to share my paintings with a wider audience than just family and close friends.

Along the way I found some excellent teachers-most notably, Pat Russo, Anna Klein and Jim Minet.

Attempting to convey some of the beauty we see in our amazing world, be it a flower garden or a path in the great outdoors, is a satisfying way to spend time. I hope you enjoy my efforts.


Carol Kelly, Artist